Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 8

Today we paired up with a local RMIT student and did a "tresure hunt". This involved receiving an sms and then working out what it means, then going to that location and taking photo of it, once we have acquired that, sms back to get a new clue. It was fun and we got to know at least one local sudent pretty well.
My partner's name was "chop" and we spent from 2pm till dinner time together
First, we went to a park called "Cong Vien Van Hoa Park". It was very nice, and really green compared to home.

There was hedges of different animals everywhere including a cool elephant and dragon (see below).

There was alot of kids everywhere, a playground, and plenty of room for sports. There was a temple with a shrine for the first king of Vietnam (I think). There was a guy there who voluntarily stays there and maintains it. He showed us how to prey with insence and took some photos for us.

After that we did a couple more smaller items on the hunt like finding a particular place to eat, etc. After that, "chop" showed me where to get all the dvd's etc. But we were warned that these can be checked at customs, and there wasnt that much there anyway, then we headed off to the "Rex" hotel to take some photos and see how classy it is. It was a bit of a tease that we were going to stay there, but then it got changed at the last minute, but it was still good to see, very nice hotel.

Finally, we ordered (real) Pizza Hut and had a bit of a drinking session in Jess and Nina's room. I was still feling a bit sick, so I stayed out of it, but it was a great night anyway.

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