Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday for dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant, where, believe it or not I ate "fried frogs legs"! Thats right, I hardly believed it, but it just tastes like chicken with alot of tendons. That dish, 2 chicken dishes, and a duck dish were served out with a large rice bowl, and we were given small bowls and served ourselves.

Today was pretty relaxing, after the provided breakfast of cereal, toast, rice, egg, bacon, pork, and more, we headed back to our rooms and just did some light work. Then out for lunch to the same place we did yesterday, Pho 2000 and back to the hotel again. The excitement of the day came from dinner time. We went to the market for dinner and some shopping. Michael was feeling sick, so he struggled to eat then went back home. For basically the whole trip so far, he has had a croaky voice.
Anyway, the menu had some strange things, such as chicken feet and snails.I got a pork steak (not like an aussie snake). The place we ate was out in the middle of the market, and had a nice atmosphere with lanterns and fancy lighting.

After that we walked around the market for a bit, I bought a "good morning Vietnam" t-shirt, and AB got offered a "massage and some boom-boom from a pretty girl"... you can probably guess what "boom-boom" is.
After that we went to the top floor of our hotel to try to capture some motion blur shots of the huge round-about nearby, see photos below.

The only other significant event was the American in the elevator back at the hotel, we was wasted! Trying to alk to us, all he could say was "Im so wasted man... my brain is f***ed man..." was rather funny, the first proper english we heard was mainly just drunked slurs. Tomorrow we are going to the Saigon RMIT campus.
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