Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 14

Today was our last day before Mike, Lee and I travel to Cambodia.
We had a full day at RMIT, it was going to be a productive day, but instead, it was more of a planning day. We had a really long meeting, and not much work got done, but we did plan what we are meant to do when we get back to Melbourne, etc.
After that, we headed to the Majestic hotel for our farewell dinner as we were all going to split our own different ways. The hotel was a fancy 5star which had 2 levels of rooftop sections to eat and drink. The top one is a small private section, the lower rooftop was public and had an open kitchen and grill. The top part was exclusively booked for us, we felt famous!
After drinks, photos and speeches, we went to the temple club for dinner, this was the "fanny" place I mentioned earlier.
This place was very fancy, and again, lots of staff. The toilets were what made me laugh. They look like big wardrobe doors on one side of the restaurant. If you don't get guided there by a staff member, I don't think you'd guess it was a toilet. Then, once you get in to the toilet, there is a 3/4 divider wall between the male and female rooms, and the actual cubicle for the toilet, looks like a towel cupboard! You open these 2 tiny doors to get in, and when you get out, it feels like your sneaking out of a cupboard.
It was weird, but looked cool.
We all kinda met up at a hotel room for a little, but I had to go to bed, I was feeling sick and I was really tired.

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