Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 12

Today I was feeling sick again.
We spent the majority of the day at RMIT.
I tried to take a photo of the uni, but the security guard told me off before I had a chance. Cant understand why, if anything its free advertising for them... I dont think they have a business course at this campus.
Nothing too exciting today except a bit of work on the project.
After uni, we headed back to the hotel then out for a night on the town.
We started heading towards this place called "lush", thinking it was a "fully sick club" - not really my cup of tea, but I followed anyway.
We got into a 7 seater taxi and fit 10 people in there! the taxi driver was having as much fun as us, so he didn't charge us the full amount, it was very funny tho.
We got to "lush" and decided to go get some dinner first. I felt sick, but the others got pizza at this place called the "feeling room". Apparently the pizza was good.
We then found out that "lush" is not a club so we went to this place called "volcano", which was a "fully sick club". It was a trance and RnB club, Robert, you would have loved it. It had cool lighting, lasers, etc. and plenty of staff.
There were people all over the place offering drinks, guiding you to and from the dance floor, door people and many more.
The club was called "Volcano" but the whole place was made to look like it was under snow. It was a good experience if anything, and a change from having to line up at the bar, they come to you instead!

Check out this quick video of the lasers here

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